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Terms associated with CBD Oil

Sometimes when you are first making yourself aware of CBD and all the information that goes along with it, it can be mind blowing. There is so much information and lingo associated with CBD that it can be hard to understand what you are actually reading about. And then if you aren’t able to fully understand what you are researching, how are you going to know which product is the best fit for you and your situation? Below is a list of terms that are used repetitively when discussing CBD. Understanding these words will help you better understand the product.

-Bioavailability is the amount of the substance that will enter the bloodstream and will be used by the body.

-Terpenes is an oil that is found inside a plant that gives off flavor, scent and other benefits.

-Broad Spectrum is a cannabis product that has more than CBD in it, it will contain some terpenes or other minor cannabinoids. It does not, however, contain any THC.

-Endocannabinoids are a cannabinoid molecule that is produced by the body naturally.

-Oral is when you consume a product by swallowing it.

-Terpsolate is a cannabis product that has terpenes and CBD found in it.

-Cannabidiol is otherwise known as CBD. This in the primary cannabinoids found in cannabis.

-Full Spectrum is when a cannabis product contains more than just CBD, it usually also contains THC and terpenes.

-Microdosing is when you take small doses of a product throughout the day.

-Cannabinoid is the molecule that is produced by the cannabis plant.

-Hemp is a cannabis plant that contains less than .3 percent of THC.

-Cannabis OIl is made from the cannabis plan.

-Topical is when you apply the product to the skin. The product will not get into the bloodstream when used topically.

-Sublingual is when you apply the product underneath the tongue.

-Hemp oil is an oil that comes from the hemp cannabis plant.

-CBD Oil is a cannabis product that is high in CBD. It comes from either the hemp plant or the marijuana plant.

-Transdermal is when a product is required to be applied topically. When used this way, the product does not get into the bloodstream.

-Tetrahydrocannabinol is also known as THC. It is an active ingredient found in cannabis. This ingredient is associated with psychoactive effects.

-Isolate is a cannabis product that only has CBD.

-Water soluble is when a cannabis product is able to mimic water solubility. It is able to do this through the use of liposomes and or nanoemulsion technics.

-Certificate of Analysis is also known as the COA. This is a certificate or report that is provided by a testing facility that shows the verification that tests were performed. It will also disclose the results of the test. It will show the potency test, heavy metals test, solvent tests and terpene tests.

-Tincture is used to describe an even oil based product. This type of product is used sublingually or orally.

-Oil is a product that is used with the cannabis product either sublingually or orally.

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