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Studies have shown that people who start using CBD to treat and manage pain

Studies have shown that people who start using CBD to treat and manage pain, will likely stop using any over the counter products and solely use the CBD products. Instead of having a medicine cabinet full of different pain relief medications, anti-inflammatory medications, migraine medication and countless other medication options, people are replacing all of those with one product. CBD has been shown to help treat and manage many different health issues people are experiencing.  It may also be surprising to learn that the majority of CBD users are in fact women. In fact, 55% of CBD users are women. Studies have shown that men actually prefer cannabis products that contain THC, which is Tetrahydrocannabinol. This the marijuana product which contains the psychoactive compound that will give users the high or stone feeling. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the non-psychoactive cannabis compound. It will not give users the high or stoned feeling. CBD is actually known to have medicinal qualities.

Some of the most common uses that CBD is used to treat are insomnia, anxiety, depression and joint pain. CBD has been so effective at treating these issues that many people are stopping their use of their over the counter or prescription drugs that they have been consuming. Over the counter drugs like Tylenol and prescription drugs such as Vicodin are being replaced with CBD. CBD is treating pain more effectively than other drugs out there available. How great is it that one product can help alleviate pain and symptoms for different health ailments. Gone are the days of wondering if you have the right medication for treating a certain symptom. One product is now able to help treat them all.

The hardest thing about CBD is educating the public on the different products available. CBD has a confusing legal status throughout the United States. The US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has labeled all the CBD products as illegal. However, there are many different types of CBD products that are marijuana derived. There are in actuality over 850 different brands of Marijuana CBD products and over 150 brands of hemp CBD products. Many people do not even realize that there are 2 different types of CBD products available. CBD that is derived from the hemp plant is available in just about every state. It is even sold online through many websites, including Amazon. It is the marijuana derived CBD that can only legally be sold in states that have legalized marijuana.

There are different ways to consume the CBD product. Vaping is an option that will actually make the person feel the effect of the CBD much quicker than any other method. So if you are looking to treat pain quickly, or need help falling asleep fast, vaping is the method that will give you the best results. Now if you suffer from the type of insomnia where you have trouble staying asleep throughout the night, edibles are the better choice.

Whatever ailment you may be suffering from, it will be worthwhile to look into CBD products. CBD is not a magic cure all, but it does provide many benefits with little to  no side effects. It is definitely a healthier alternative to traditional drug options that are out there.

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