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Cannabidiol (CBD) has become the talk of the medical field, undergoing countless studies and seeing extraordinary results. CBD is the second most prominent compound found within the cannabis plant. In past years, a lot of the medical benefits that are derived from cannabis are attributed to THC when they should be credited to the CBD content within the cannabis instead. With such therapeutic and healing properties being discovered from CBD, we wanted to provide the most concentrated and pure CBD oil on the market. We want your customers to experience the transformation in their life from CBD to the fullest extent. Here are a few reasons why:

CBD has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Not only does CBD help suppress inflammation, studies show that it also assists the body in not making the chemical that causes inflammation in the first place. Because of this, CBD has been discovered to play an  important preventative role.

CBD has also been found to have anti-compulsive properties that reduce seizure thresholds through a number of patients. Many patients that experience seizures and suffer from epilepsy found less recurring episodes. These studies began in the 1970’s. The results were found that the brain’s endocannabinoid system contained receptors that respond to CBD.This illustrates how CBD produces anticonvulsant effects.  Unlike the 30 different epilepsy medications that you have to tinker with to find one that works for your specific condition, CBD is plant-derived and one of the most natural options for seizures offered today.

CBD has its own medicinal properties. A number of studies were done where patients were given an overdose of THC to see what would happen when they also added in CBD. Interestingly enough, CBD turned around the negative effects of an overdose of THC. This was also achieved without changing the levels of THC in the blood.

CBD has also been found to be biphasic in terms of sleep. Low doses of CBD can keep you awake and alert while higher doses can be very sedating and will help you fall asleep. What’s nice about this is that anyone can control and incorporate CBD to fit their lifestyle needs.

CBD kills cancer cells while simultaneously preserving the body’s normal cells. There have been many studies that illustrates how CBD exhibits a protective property to damaged neurons within the body. It was seen in results that CBD protects the nerves by inhibiting the process by which nerves are damaged. CBD has also been shown to protect against brain injury. When patients have experienced trauma to the brain, CBD appears to protect the brain from damage that occured to the nerve cells.

One of the most important things for people to understand about CBD is that it’s not psychoactive. It does not change your mood or mental activity in the way that THC does. The endless medical benefits are derived from CBD instead of THC. The THC compound extracted from cannabis is what leaves the consumer with a mind-altering effect otherwise known as a “high.”

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