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CBD was discovered around 1940 from a cannabis plant.

CBD was discovered around 1940 from a cannabis plant. It is a naturally occuring cannabinoid. When it was first discovered, it was thought that CBD didn’t have any medicinal properties. Since that time, many research has been done to prove that it does have medical benefits. The Food and Drug Administration has not made cannabidiol legal for medical uses, with the exception of 2 forms of epilepsy. There are 2 forms or rare childhood epilepsy that have been approved by the FDA to use cannabidiol. Otherwise the FDA does not approve of using cannabidiol for medical use.

There are a few side effects with CBD. They are sleepiness, decreased appetite, diarrhea, fatigue, malaise, weakness and sleeping problems. As with anything, there are side effects that are possible. However, these side effects pale in comparison to other over the counter and prescription drugs that may be used to treat the same symptoms.

The most common way to use CBD is thru inhalation by either smoking or vaping, or using an aerosol spray that in sprayed into the cheek and mouth. It can also be paired with a carrier oil, where CBD is the only active ingredient. Other options include a full plant CBD dominant hemp extract oil, capsules, dried cannabis or a prescription solution.

The shelf life of

l products is typically 1 year. It is best to keep the product in a cool and dark place. To prolong the shelf life, it is recommended that the room where the CBD is stored be less that seventy seven degrees Fahrenheit. The circumstances in which you store your CBD will make all the difference in your product. Where you store the product plays a very big part in the shelf life, but the type of product and the carrier oils can also affect how long the product will be good for.

There are a few recommendations that are available to help ensure that your product lasts as long as it is expected to. Make sure you store your product in a dark and cool place, as previously stated. Heat and light can degrade the product at a quicker pace. People are under the assumption that by storing the product in the refrigerator, it will last longer. This is not necessarily true. Unless it specifies on the label that the product should be refrigerated, there is no need. It is actually the carrier oil in the CBD that will go bad before the actual CBD does. Some research has shown that when hempseed oil is used as the carrier oil, the product will go bad quicker than other products. When coconut oils or MCT oils are used as the carrier oil, the product will have a longer shelf life.

If there is a question of your CBD going rotten, the best option is to smell it. Similar to when milk goes rancid, CBD will also have a smell that will let you know that it is time to throw it out.

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