The common misconception

If you think that CBD and THC are the same thing, or if you want to better understand the difference between the two compounds, then stick around to learn about how different CBD and THC are today.

one thing in common

CBD and THC have one thing in common: they are the two main compounds in the marijuana plant and they are the only two cannabinoids that have been well characterized to date. Although there are more cannabinoids, we only focus on CBD and THC – for now.


THC is the hallucinogenic compound in marijuana that causes users to feel high. Although THC does have its own natural benefits, like being an antispasmodic, analgesic, anti-tremor, and anti-inflammatory compound, it is less desirable than CBD due to its debilitating side effects.


Unlike THC, CBD does not have unwanted psychoactive side effects, making it the main point of focus for our products today. CBD can be separated from THC, and comes with a host of benefits that act as stand alone without requiring the THC component. Although CBD can help with better sleep, it has been proven to counter-act the sleep inducing benefits of THC – which can make THC dangerous to consume and drive/operate machinery. CBD can be consumed and used for treatment in any setting, causing zero harm or debilitation to the consumer.

Our CBD Products

We know CBD works. We’ve seen it changes lives, improve quality of health, and revolutionize how cancer and chronic pain patients are able to live. It’s nature’s miracle drug that is organically grown and plucked from the earth. Consider joining this explosive industry, getting in on the promise that is CBD oil.

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